Hello everyone.

This is my first post on the progress of building a wooden model ship.
I'm a software developer by trade and because our day job is so very abstract and un-creative (and because we are all nerds) most of us have some rather obscure hobbies. For me building a model ship was always a bit of a dream and I never though I could do it, but with the help of e-bay and some good fora I decided to give it a try and see how long I would last.

Because of a good deal on e-bay I got my hands on a model by Mamoli called the Black Prince from Mamoli. The ship has everything I wanted: 2 masts, some guns and a great back-story :)
I will update (probably on an infrequent basis) you with my progress and will also make some room on my own blog as well.
So far I found it a very rewarding (and time consuming) hobby that I can easily put aside (whilst having a baby) or spend the whole day on. It's great, and I love working on my ship.
I also love researching it, so I shall start with some historical background in a next post.

That all said, this is the ship:
(sales pitch by courtesy of Mamoli)

Mamoli Black Prince American Privateer 1:57

During the Revolutionary War (1774 - 76) private vessels (privateers) were commissioned by the colonial rebel government to prey on British commerce everywhere and to capture, when possible, British ship. At the time of the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin was ambassador to France. He allowed to buy French built corsairs through an important ship broker. These corsairs were the predecessors of the Baltimore Clippers. The ships were painted black so as to be nearly invisible at night. They were named Black Prince and Black Princess. The crew were Portuguese seamen but captained by an American. They preyed on the British trade in English coastal waters and for over a year nearly destroyed Britain’s trade with the rest of the world. 

The Mamoli Black Prince kit features the following: 
A Double planked hull construction using Lime and Walnut strips, pre cut frames and keel, deck planked in tanganyika, fittings made from brass, walnut, boxwood, and beech, wooden masts and spars, brass cannon barrels, rigging cord and silk flags. Full size plan sheets and a multi language instruction manual. 

Scale 1:57 
Length 520mm
Height 350mm
Part No: MV46


  1. Hiya - I picked up this model from a charity shop for £6. I then discovered there were no plans d'oh. Where can I get them - I didn't want to spend a load of money because I'm not even sure I have the full kit :( :(. I have never done a wooden ship model before.

  2. If you're serious about having a go at it, I could make a bunch of photo's.
    But it's probably hard to figure out if your kit is complete. This kit is very stingy on the wood. I'm not even sure now if I am missing anything. But you can always order more wood.
    To be honest, I spent more on kit than on the model itself, so be prepared for this.
    Let me know your email if you want me to help out.


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